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sqlite3 cheat sheet

2023-06-19 - psic4t

PostgreSQL on Docker

2023-05-31 - psic4t

Running Postgres on Docker is easy. Upgrading major versions is not. Some useful commands:

This is tricky. I use this:

docker run --rm -v /data/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql tianon/postgres-upgrade:14-to-15 --link

You need to have your data in the following stucture: /data/postgres/14/data (old version) /data/postgres/15/data (new version will be linked here)

VIM tips 5

2022-11-04 - psic4t

VIM tips 4

2022-05-30 - psic4t

Some "g" commands


2022-04-20 - psic4t

When I migrated from Ubuntu to Arch I had a hard time remembering Pacman's (the Arch package manager) commands. Here we go:

Consider using yay as a frontend for pacman. Really convernient + fast. Plus you can manage AUR packages with it as well.

Update 2019: Nah.

I use the following aliases/bash functions in .bashrc:

alias upd='sudo pacman -Syu'

alias ins='sudo pacman -Sy'

alias aursearch='curl -s
| zgrep'

aurinst () { pushd /home/psic4t/sys/aur &&
git clone"$1".git &&
cd "$1" && makepkg -si && popd; }

GIT for dummys

2021-03-17 - psic4t

I use git only occasionally. Here are some basic commands to remember:

vim tips 3

2019-09-27 - psic4t

Even more of this.

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