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RSS/Atom bridge to Nostr



atomstr is a RSS/Atom gateway for Nostr written in Go.

It fetches all sorts of RSS or Atom feeds, generates Nostr profiles for each and posts new entries to given Nostr relay(s). If you have one of these relays in your profile, you can find and subscribe to the feeds.

Project page on Sourcehut


qcal is a command line calendar application for CalDAV servers written in Go. In contrast to other tools it does not cache anything. It can fetch multiple servers / calendars in parallel which makes it quite fast.

Its main purpose is displaying calendar data. Nevertheless it supports basic creation and editing of entries.

Project page on Sourcehut


qcard is a command line addressbook application for CardDAV servers written in Go. It is the younger brother of qcal and is quite simillar in its functions.

It supports creation and editing of contacts as well.

Project page on Sourcehut


nntd is a simple TODO app based on Nextcloud Notes written in Bash.

It's heavily inspired by and works online without any synchronization.

Project page on Sourcehut


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