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2018-06-15 - psic4t

Dovecot Sieve filters - test and refilter

sieve-filter .dovecot.sieve INBOX 2>&1 | less

Well, this doesn't do anything. To really execute the filters, you need the -e flags, and to write to the INBOX for real, you need the -w flag as well, so the real run looks something more like this:

sieve-filter -e -W -v .dovecot.sieve INBOX > refilter.log 2>&1

GPG cli encrypt

gpg -r B51077AC -u 272250F0 --armor -e toencrypt.txt

get public IP on CLI

curl -4 (for v4)

APT - search for versions + install

apt-cache madison <packagename>
apt install <packagename>=<version>
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