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Terms of service

Be nice to each other. Adhere to the old FidoNet rules: If you insist on fscking around, I'll ban you.

Privacy policy

Logging, data retention

We do not monitor data content (e.g. message content) passing through our services.

For the nature of the Matrix protocol, every type of chat works like group chat, so a "room" entity is created to store the ineherent data and metadata, the information is then replicated coherently over all the HomeServers partecipating in the discussion so it's actually impossible to guarantee the usage of that once it's replicated to a 3rd party HomeServer.

We offer a STUN/TURN relay service to facilitate traversal of NATs for Audio / Video conferencing via Jingle or WebRTC, data that is relayed may be passed to 3rd parties which are beyond the bundaries of this service which means we're unable to guarantee the safety or usage of the mentioned data when it transits away from our systems.

Push Notifications, data processing and disclosure

We offer additional services, like bridges, that cross our own service jurisdiction boundary, by doing so the user implicitly consent the treatment of their data to the 3rd party they transit to and also it will cause personal data and metadata pertaining to the remote platform (e.g. your contacts) to be stored on our systems.

PUSH notifications are handled in conformance to the spec, and in the case the client used is a Mobile one will allow the Metadata to be relayed by the application's push notification server to the Mobile service handling the notification, which changes depending on the operating system on your mobile device (APN for iOS, FCM or GCM in case of Android etc). Which perhaps is already beyond this service boundaries and we can't be responsible of in the event anything beyond our web client ( is used, please contact your Mobile carrier or Operating System manufacturer for more information.

Opt-out requesting and oblivion rights

Unfortunately it's very complicated to actually delete your account from Matrix, it's possible to disable that permanently and issue erasion in the form of redaction of all metadata and content data regarding your account from the federated servers.

You can be certain that such request will go to full length on our systems, and you can contact us to double check, but we can't be responsible for what happens on servers beyond ours.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used solely for browser session data by Element. This is a purely anonymous site so no user metadata is saved whatsoever.

Passwords safety

Passwords are stored into the server in hashed format making it way harder for 'em to be decoded or cracked. We do although encourage you to apply basic safety measures to create passwords of decent strength. Our administrators will never ask you for your password/s and or will be able to retrieve 'em on your behalf in case of loss.

Regarding Inactivity and Account validity

Periodical checks for account validity are conducted by the Matrix server software, accounts are "valid" for 6 weeks after which they'll enter a locked state and need to be revalidated before being used.

Final disclaimers provides its public services, AS IS, without guarantees of sort, we perhaps decline any liability in case of damage or loss derived from their usage. We also reserve the right to suspend either the services, and/or the access to them to any third party, without notice.

By registering and/or using an account, you agree to abide to the above service agreement and consent the eventual treatment of your data and meta data by us or a third party as described (implicitly or explicitly) in this document.